Longterm Relationships

Most of our landlords have been with us for 5 years +

It is our aim to build relationships with our clients which stand the test of time- property is a long term investment and we do all we can to ensure that we are there for you through thick and thin. Having started the business with one client and one property, it is our aim to ensure that each new client we engage feels as valued as our very first- here’s what one of our first landlord clients has had to say after 15 years with Morgans;

We have been client of Morgans since Jonathan and Nigel formed the company. During the intervening years, we have seen the business grow, but at all times it has addressed the needs of us as individuals, we cannot praise Morgans more highly for their professionalism and warmth

We combine a proactive approach to marketing with solid and dependable business structures and systems which means not only that we are able to maintain our position as market leaders but also that we are able to provide dependable and reliable management services for our many hundreds of landlord clients.

When we first value your apartment for rent, we promise not just to tell you what you want to hear- instead, we’ll discuss a target ‘rent range’ based on the evidence of other rents we have achieved in the area and , ideally, in the same building. We will also offer you advice on a wide range of issues including insurance, tax, finance and furnishings.

It’s no coincidence that almost HALF of our many hundreds of landlord clients have been with us for over FIVE years- in a fast paced industry with constantly changing dynamics, this is a statistic we are very proud of.

Useful Information for Landlords